PIK Vrbovec was founded in 1961 on the foundations of the meat industry owned by Đuro Predović, dating back to 1938. The region where PIK Vrbovec meat industry is located has traditionally been known for its production of livestock, particularly pigs, a good starting point for this kind of industry. For a number of years, PIK Vrbovec has been producing and developing high-quality meat products under PIK brands, finding its customers in Croatia, the region, Europe and the USA. 

1938. at the present location of PIK, the factory for smoke-dried goods and slaughterhouse was founded, owner Đuro Predović  
1946. factory was nationalized and  started to produce for the state purposes
meat industry operates within the company “Sljeme” Sesvete
1962.  factory starts working under the present name PIK VRBOVEC – MEAT INDUSTRY
1975. The export of meat products of PIK VRBOVEC
1989. export value reaching 46 million USD
1992. transformation of the enterprises into joint stock company with majority shareholders
1995. a new factory for meat processing opened 
1998. beginning of cooperation with McDonald´s for the Croatian market 
2001. the Republic of Croatia becomes a majority shareholder of the company
2003. company enters the process of privatization
2005. PIK becomes a part of Agrokor Group
2009.  a new factory for fresh meat
2012. New plant for dry salami, new plant for slicing and packing, new warehouse for finished goods

In 2005, PIK Vrbovec became part of Agrokor starting an intensive development of the company, with record amounts of manufactured products every year.

PIK Vrbovec is the largest meat industry in Croatia with over 70 years of tradition in producing meat and meat products.

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