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PIK Hams are prepared from top quality meat by following traditional recipes.

Modern slice packaging saves time and allows the consumers to enjoy their favorite delicacies. Freshness, even slices, delicious taste and beautiful color make PIK sliced products an irresistible bite at any time. 

PIK Ham Delicacy

The very name of this premium Ham Delicacy denotes a product of top quality. A whole pork leg cooked in its natural juices guarantees a specific, soft flavor.


The true reason why this ham was named “Fina” lies in its smoke aroma, soft texture and only the finest ingredients. Produced from pork leg smoked after cooking by a natural smoking process, this ham is a top and premium product. 

PIK Ham Premier 

Premium quality of Ham Premier makes this product a superior delight for all rustic meat product connoisseurs. Produced for pork leg that is smoked by a natural smoking process after cooking giving it a specific attractive aroma.

PIK Golden Cooked Ham 

With its supreme succulence and top quality, this ham is at the very top of the gastronomy offer. Its fat content of less than 2% and high protein value make it a perfect part of a healthy and balanced diet.

PIK Round Ham

If you are watching your weight but don’t want to deny yourself a tasty snack, PIK Round Hams are a perfect choice since their fat content is low, only 2 percent, and their protein value is high.

PIK Toast Ham

For the lovers of crunchy sandwiches who enjoy delicious slices of ham produced only from top quality meat it is difficult to imagine a toast sandwich without PIK Toast Ham. PIK Toast Ham is available in practical reclosable 200 g packaging, a best way to save the freshness and the aroma.

PIK Vrbovec is the largest meat industry in Croatia with over 70 years of tradition in producing meat and meat products.

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