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Pariser wurst

This exquisite red meat product rightly bears a title of “Nothing compares to PIKO” where the flavor is mild but it is the red meat, highly valuable pork and beef meat, that make it a rich protein source.

The sliced assortment will make the preparation of sandwiches and quick delicious snack easier since all you need to do is open PIKO sliced packaging and make a sandwich. The flavor, aroma and color remain the same due to most modern packaging technologies 

PIKO Pariser

The oldest member of the PIKO family, classic PIKO, brings back memories of childhood, home and school meals. PIKO is a top quality meat product with a mild and gentle flavor, pleasant texture and color. Rich in red meat protein, highly valuable pork and beef meat, it is a perfect addition to every sandwich.  

PIK Vrbovec is the largest meat industry in Croatia with over 70 years of tradition in producing meat and meat products.

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