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Dry salami

PIK Vrbovec is famous for its wide and various dry salami assortment that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.

Top quality of ingredients used in PIK dry salamis in combination with traditional recipes, as well as innovative ideas of PIK experts, guarantees a superb gourmet experience. Due to the innovative and practical packaging of PIK sliced products your favorite salamis are now available as a quick meal; in just one move, a delicious sandwich is ready, and all aromas are still there and equally irresistible.   

Panona Salami 

Produced in a traditional style from ground meat and natural spices: garlic and whole pepper grains. Large diameter and ground meat give this salami a specific marble appearance and extreme succulence.

Panona Paprika Salami

Panona Paprika Salami is unique both regarding the recipe and the diameter. The recipe with a mild paprika flavor will astonish all lovers of gourmet sandwiches. 

Dry Tea Salami 

This traditional salami is produced only from top-grade red meat and carefully selected natural spices, making it an ideal choice for delicious everyday family meals.

Winter Salami 

PIK Winter Salami is produced form the red meat of best quality and carefully selected natural spices with a mild mold aroma. Winter Salami is of pleasant flavor and soft consistency. 

Vrbovec Salami 

Vrbovec Salami is a blend of perfect quality and domestic flavor. The added paprika gives it a somewhat more distinctive flavor. If you enjoy spicy food, this salami is your best choice. 

Milano Salami  

A large caliber salami with molds from top quality meat and selected spices, smaller granulation with added rosemary. 

PIK Vrbovec is the largest meat industry in Croatia with over 70 years of tradition in producing meat and meat products.

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