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Premium products such as PIK Prosciutto and Coppa are the result of decades old recipes passed down from generation to generation and carefully guarded by PIK experts.

Slightly accentuated smoke notes, rustic flavor and selected cuts of meat make these products the highest quality products and favorite snacks of true connoisseurs. Confidence and quality are the attributes consumers expect from PIK, created by the great love of our experts in the most modern production conditions. All this is available in modern packaging of PIK sliced products that give you the opportunity to enjoy autonomous flavors of these parts in just a few sounds.


What makes this product special is carefully selected raw material that is most detailly processed, placed into salt, smoked and dried for two months. The result is the most delicious combination of flavors specific for traditional smoke-dried products.

PIK Dalmatian Prosciutto 

PIK Dalmatian Prosciutto is produced in a traditional way where the drying process is completely natural by using only the Dalmatian wind Bora and the air flow at high altitudes. Prosciutto is sliced, and each slice is separated by a foil in order to facilitate the separation of slices. Most importantly, this product will be a source of great satisfaction for any gourmet.  

PIK Prosciutto 

In spite of all technological novelties, the production of prosciutto remains traditional – salt, Dalmatian wind Bora, the knowledge of our top experts and time. Each slice is ruby red, extremely succulent and alluring.

PIK Vrbovec is the largest meat industry in Croatia with over 70 years of tradition in producing meat and meat products.

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